SYNCalc is the calculator designed to make synesthesia even easier.

This app lets synesthetes SYNC the way numbers are displayed on their devices to their own synesthetic colors, allowing them to set the colour of each individual digit and tile.

 Say goodbye to those boring black-and-white calculator apps and manifest your own colours into your daily calculations with the SYNCalc!

SYNCalc Features

  • Customisable Numbers and Tiles Select from 256000 different colour options to match your numbers with your own personal synesthetic experience. 
  • Backgrounds Select from 256000 different colour options to match tile your background colours with your own personal synesthetic experience 
  • Customisable Answer Output Toggle the Answer output to and from colour.
  • Saved selections Save your customised colours for use the next time you need the calculator.
  • Updated selections to Multiple apple devices Your customised SYNCalc will update to all your Apple  or Android devices where SYNCalc is installed. 
  • Enjoy Let's face it, just experiencing the outside world more like you experience your inside world, makes life more enjoyable.

GET THE APP - Basic or Premium


Get the SYNCalc experience but with ads


  • Colourize your Numbers and Letters
  • Colourise the background of the tiles
  • Colour the outputs of the answer display
  • Save your selections
  • Contains Advertising
  • Ad revenue helps keep the app in the store and up to date

Get the SYNCalc experience without any distracting ads

Turn your subscription on and off  as you like 

Subscribe Quarterly

  • Colourize your Numbers and Letters
  • Colourise the background of the tiles
  • Colour the outputs of the answer display
  • Save your selections
  • NO Ads
  • 2.99 USD Quarterly - or the Apple equivalent for your country

Learn how to use SYNCalc

Read the instructions below to learn how to set up and use the SYNCalc.

How to use the SYNCalc

Download the app on the Apple or Google Play Store

The SYNCalc App is available for Apple phones and iPads and for Android devices - So many colours to choose from. 

Sign up to store your selections and get the latest updates and bug fixes 

SynCalc, works best when you don't have to set up your colours every time you use it. To make an account, verify your email and accept the Terms and Conditions and then you can store your selections if they need to be recovered at any time. We ask for your name, a verifiable email address and confirmation you are over 13 years old. We recommend that you choose a password you don't use on other devices. We won't send you spam messages - ever! 

Select your number colours using the colour picker

Once signed in, you can synchronise your colours to the numbers in the calculator easily and quickly. Once you select them, they are locked in for your next use. You can also change them any time using the edit button on the top right of the screen.

Select your background colours for each calculator tile using the colour picker

We know that some synesthetes experience their number colours on a different colour background, so we made it easy to choose a colour for the tile background too. You can also change this anytime.

Turn the Answer output to show numbers in colour or not

We know that synesthetes sometimes have different colours for large numbers, so we give you the ability to colourise the answer output. You can turn it on or off anytime you make a calculation. EASY.

Save your selections 

Simply select Done in the top left hand corner. Your selections are saved across all your apple or android devices where you have installed SYNCalc.


When the outside world matches your inside world it can be an easier place to navigate. We hope you enjoy using the SYNCalc app as well as benefit from using it. If you don't, all you have to do is uninstall the SYNCalc from your phone.  

Meet Our People

Neuroversal Pty. Ltd. is the brainchild of Josh and Karen who have an interest in neurodiversity and in finding ways to increase AccessAbility for real world problems.  

Dr Josh Berger is an Australian Medical Doctor training in psychiatry. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy for his work in Synesthesia, which began with the when he developed the SYNCalc prototye for a friend with synesthesia. 

Dr Karen Whittingham is an Australian Psychologist and PhD graduate of the University of Sydney who has been studying people with Synesthesia for 18 years.





We have support and service providers that we work with and would like to thank as well.

Getting an app launched and starting up an Australian company to manage it, is not a simple task. At least not for us.

It requires dependable advice from a well-established firm that can listen and understand our unique start-up tech needs, then works with us to achieve our outcomes and objectives in a very timely manner.

We have that support from Greg Ross, partner at Eakin McCaffery Cox, who generously works with us on a nearly a pro-bono basis, and treats us like one of their most favourite start-ups.

Fast, concise and thorough - we know we are in good hands. Plus, we really like them.

Lawyer, Partner Eakin McAffrey Cox


Neuroversal Pty. Ltd.

Neuroversal PTY LTD is an Australian company behind SYNCalc. We created it so we could make personalised tools for the under-catered masses of the neurodiverse, including people with dyslexia; ADHD; autism; Synesthesia and more. The tools that we will build stem from a simple yet powerful principle: empowerment begins with recognition of the unique way by which each person engages with, experiences, and attends to the world around them.

 Our first tool is the SynesthEasier calculator: SYNCalc.