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Neuroversal Pty. Ltd. is the brainchild of Josh and Karen who have an interest in neurodiversity and in finding ways to increase AccessAbility for real world problems.  

Dr Josh Berger is an Australian Medical Doctor training in psychiatry. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy for his work in Synesthesia, which began with the when he developed the SYNCalc prototype for a friend with synesthesia.  

Dr Karen Whittingham is an Australian Psychologist and PhD Graduate of the University of Sydney. She has been studying, speaking and consulting on Synesthesia for 18 years.

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Neuroversal Pty. Ltd.

Neuroversal PTY LTD is the Australian company behind the SYNCalc App. We created it so we could make personalised tools for the under-catered masses of the neurodiverse; including people with dyslexia; ADHD; Autism; Synesthesia and more. The tools that we will build stem from a simple yet powerful principle: empowerment begins with recognition of the unique way by which each person engages with, experiences, and attends to the world around them.

 Our first tool is designed to make SynesthEasier:  the SYNCalc App.

Our Legal Team

Getting an app launched and starting up an Australian company to manage it, is not a simple task. At least not for us.

It requires dependable advice from a well-established firm that can listen and understand our unique start-up tech needs, then works with us to achieve our outcomes and objectives in a very timely manner.

We have that support from Greg Ross, partner at Eakin McCaffery Cox, who generously works with us on a nearly a pro-bono basis, and treats us like one of their most favourite start-ups.

Fast, concise and thorough - we know we are in good hands. Plus, we really like them.

Lawyer, Partner Eakin McAffrey Cox


Our App Development Teams



Mr Zac Papachatgis is a full stack developer who made the Dean's list in his Honors year at UTS. He owns Zapex Solutions and consulted to Neuroversal in the development of the prototype design of the SYNCalc app for Iphone. 

The final versions of the SYNCalc app for Android and iPhone were produced by the wonderful team at Mobiona.  

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