Learn how to use SYNCalc

Watch the GIF or Read the instructions below to learn how to set up and use the SYNCalc. Please note - depending on your Iphone and IOS version, your screen may look slightly different to the picture here.  

How to use the SYNCalc

Download the app on the Apple  Store

The SYNCalc App is available on Apple phones and iPads - So many colours to choose from. We are working on an Android version for release in 2022.

Sign up to store your selections and get the latest updates and bug fixes 

SynCalc, works best when you don't have to set up your colours every time you use it. To make an account, verify your email and accept the Tcs and C's and then you can store your selections if they need to be recovered at any time. We only ask for a name and email address and we won't send you spam messages - ever! 

Select your number colours using the colour picker

You can synchronise your colours to the numbers in the calculator easily and quickly. Once you select them they are locked in for your next use. You can also change them any time using the edit button.

Select your background colours for each calculator tile using the colour picker

We know that some synesthetes have their number colours on a different colour background, so we give you the ability to choose a colour for the tile background too. You can also change this anytime using the edit button, provided you are connected to the internet.

Turn the Answer output to show numbers in colour or not

We know that synesthetes sometimes have different colours for large numbers, so we give you the ability to colourise the answer output. You can turn it on or off anytime you make a calculation. 

Save your selections 

In Apple phones without a button simply swipe down to store your selections. In older iphones, you can save by pressing the done button.  Your selections are saved across all your apple devices where you have installed SYNCalc.


When the outside world matches your inside world it can be an easier place to navigate. We hope you enjoy using the SYNCalc app as well as benefit from using it. If you don't, (and we will be sorry to see you go) all you have to do is uninstall the app from your phone.